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Scholastic Achievements

From the 2008-09 School Year:

Scholastic Achievements - Brief summaries of some academic highlights and achievements by our students from the past few years.

Congratulations to 6th grade student Maksim Zherebin, who earned the opportunity of representing St. John’s Academy in this year’s San Francisco Chronicle Spelling Bee. Max became the school spelling champion by defeating a large number of well-prepared classmates in grades 4-8. The Chronicle Spelling Bee took place at Pier 39 on March 21st. Max did not win this event, but enjoyed the experience greatly.

St. John’s students did very well on the National Latin Exam administered in March, 2009. On the Latin I exam, Anastasia Triantafillidis earned a Gold Medal and a Maxima Cum Laude Certificate. Ulyana Kulish received a Silver Medal and a Magna Cum Laude Certificate. Julia Bozhich also received a Cum Laude Certificate. On the Introduction to Latin exam, Elya Bekbulatova and Christian Jajeh earned a Blue Ribbon and a Certificate of Excellence. Eugene Lytnev received a Certificate of Achievement. Natasha Tillbrook and Kristina Gable also received a Certificate of Participation. Well done to our 2009 Latin students!

St. John’s students in grades 3-8 take the Stanford Test of Academic Skills every year. Most of our students achieved excellent results in the various subtests this year. According to these test scores, the grade equivalent of St. John’s students is substantially above that of their peers nationwide. The graph shows the Average Grade Equivalent of St. John’s students at each grade level. For example, St. John’s students in 3rd grade achieved the same test results as students across the nation earn when they are nearly in 6th grade.

Each year, the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth invites students scoring in the 95% percentile of the Stanford Achievement Tests to take additional tests to search for exceptional students (grades 7 and up take the SAT’s, younger grades take the SCAT (School and College Ability Test). This year Nicolas Tkachov in grade 4 earned a High Honors award as a result of his SCAT test scores and received the award at a ceremony at USF on May 31st. Congratulations to Nick!