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The Ascension of Our Lord

posted May 11, 2010, 5:06 PM by   [ updated May 11, 2010, 5:06 PM by Yulia Russiyanova ]
May 11, 2010
Dear Parents:
This Thursday will mark the 40th day since the blessed Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. After His resurrection, the Savior did not immediately leave our world to return to His heavenly abode. His apostles were so shaken by His suffering and death that they lost all faith that He was the long-awaited Savior. They just could not comprehend how if Jesus was in fact God would He tolerate such an ignoble death and therefore, did not at first believe that He had resurrected. The Savior had to spend time with them to restore their faith and prepare them for their worldly mission of going out to teach all nations the Good News. Finally, on the fortieth day, this work was done, and He was able to return to the Throne of God in Heaven.
The Lord's Ascension is a very special event in the life of each Christian. When the Lord ascended, He ascended as both God and man. This means that a human being is now sitting on the throne on God at the right hand of God the Father. By this, humanity is elevated even higher than the angelic powers as no angel sits on the Throne of God. From His position as God-man, our Savior is able to plead for all people as a divine intercessor for humanity of which He is a part. Also, the descent of the Holy Spirit required first Christ's ascension. This descent into our world was vital because if the Holy Spirit had not descended, we would not have the Orthodox Church through which salvation is offered to people. It is through the Grace of the Holy Spirit that we are able to live a God-pleasing life on earth which enables us to attain salvation.
As this is a major holiday, it is an honor for each Christian to celebrate the day with our Savior. This means that we need to go to the church services which help us relive this joyous event. The vigil will begin at the customary time of 6:00 PM on Wednesday.  Since this feast is part of our school day, all the students need to attend the early liturgy on Thursday which begins at 7:30 in the morning, in uniform. After the liturgy, the school will have a field day in the park, details of which will be given to you by the school administration in a separate announcement.
Please let me congratulate you in advance with this holiday. I look forward to sharing it with you during the services both on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. I would also like to offer from the school our heartiest and warmest wishes to the parents of the newest member in our school family. The Avronev family is richer by the birth of a new daughter making Nina a "big sister". 
With Love in Christ,
Archpriest Serge Kotar, Chaplain