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St. Gregory Palamas

posted Mar 12, 2012, 10:24 AM by   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 10:24 AM by Yulia Russiyanova ]
Dear Parents and Friends:

This Sunday we are finishing the second week of Great Lent and on Monday will begin the third. To strengthen and encourage us in our Lenten effort the Church presents to us this Sunday the memory of the great Church father St. Gregory Palama. The reason for this is that the writings of this saint reveal to us something that should greatly benefit us in our lenten resolve.

The Bible reveals to us that God created man in His Divine Image. But what this divine image in us is and what it means to us is a question that we need to ask. And St. Gregory answers it for us. The Image of God in people is Light, but not the created physical light that we know and see around us. This uncreated light is the light that emanated from Jesus Christ during His glorious Transfiguration on Mt. Tabor.

This uncreated light is the Glory of God, and a ray of it is found in each person. This is what the Image of God is in people. And as we learn from St. Gregory, because this image possesses the power of God's energy it cannot be destroyed in us no matter how much we damage or desecrate it through our sins. What a great mercy of God! No matter what we have done, we still possess this light. And through repentance we are able to purify it regardless of how much we had damaged it by our sins.

How can St. Gregory's wonderful writings not inspire us to redouble our lenten efforts and move us to honestly examine our internal person to identify what we need to repent in! Thus, we can begin our third week rejuvenated in our hope of being reconciled with our Savior. We can fix what needs to be fixed, and meet the Lord with sincere, profound jubilation as He is resurrected from death on Pascha.

In ending my post to you, I just want to add that a vital part of repentance is going often to confession and receiving the Most Holy Blood and Body of our Savior in Holy Communion. Sadly,last week very few families utilized this great gift that Jesus Christ gives us. Therefore, I urge all of you, and I mean all of you, not just the students, to commune this week. We cannot fix our spiritual damage by ourselves without the help given to us through the Grace that we receive in the Sacraments of the Church.

With Love in Christ,
Archpriest Serge Kotar, Chaplain