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Employment Opportunities, 2010

We are now actively looking for new teachers for next school year

The current 2009-2010 school year at the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy is quickly drawing to a close. As students and staff members alike prepare for the summer holidays, the Academy as a whole will be looking to take on new teaching talent for the new 2010-2011 school year, to begin in Autumn 2010.

Teaching talent areas being sought

Specific post details will be confirmed during the early summer months (May-June), but already it is clear that curriculum developments underway will produce a need for new teaching talent in a few key areas. These include:
  • Visual and performing arts - Including drawing, painting, music, dance, drama, etc. Specialties in any one of these is desirable, but most desirable of all will be a person or persons capable of working in a variety of these areas with children in the K-12 age group. Some background in the arts is helpful; but what is essential is a creative desire to foster a love and passion for the arts - in all their forms - to children in elementary, middle and high school. This will involve stepping out of one's 'comfort zone' from time to time, in order to try your hand at different media, activities, etc.; but a willing spirit and enthusiastic approach is chief among the skills we are seeking.
  • Math and sciences - A strong foundation in math and science is critical for young people in today's world, yet these subjects can sometimes be the hardest in which to foster an enthusiasm and interest among children. We will be seeking teachers who enjoy building a love for these subjects among students of all ages - coming up with creative new science activities, helpful ways of understanding mathematics, and engaging students' interest at all levels of study in these subjects.
  • Orthodox religion - An essential ingredient of our program at St. John's is the provision of religion classes at all age levels. Do you have a desire to share with younger generations the foundations of the life in Christ - Scripture, worship, morality, the traditions of the Saints and Church, etc.? Our ideal religion instructor will be ready to work with a variety of local clergy to bring the faith alive in our students' hearts, and above all else to foster in them a joy for the Orthodox life and faith.
  • History (possibly) - Teaching history to K-12 students involves a variety of subjects (world history, US history, etc.), but also an ability to create a love for history among children. We seek teachers whose own interests in history can be called upon to create new learning experiences for children in various historical areas. (Please note that at this point we are not certain that we will require new teachers in history.)

Think you might be a fit?

If any of the above subject areas reflect your own interests, studies and skills, you might be a fit for becoming a teacher at St. John's Academy. Before sending in your resume and letting us know about you, please be sure you meet the following criteria:
  • You are a communicant Orthodox Christian dedicated to your life in the Church and to raising up younger generations in a love of learning and Orthodox life
  • You hold a BA or equivalent university degree, or a higher-level degree (a degree in Education, or specific teaching credential, is not required but is of added benefit)
  • You can commit to a full year of teaching at either part or full time (please note that most of our new posts will be part time)
  • You either currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area or are intending / willing to relocate to the area, within a suitable distance for a daily commute to and from the Academy
  • You are legally entitled to work in the United States of America, and have no criminal convictions or other personal record which makes it impossible for you to work with children, and are willing to submit to a routine background check to verify such details

How to apply

If you meet the above criteria, have a background that draws you toward one of the subject areas we are seeking, and wish to take up the unique opportunity of becoming a teacher in the only Orthodox school of its kind in North America, then it is time to contact us! To have a brief informal conversation with the Academy's principal, Hieromonk Irenei, please telephone the school office to speak to him directly, or to set up an appointment for a phone call. 

To apply, please send your resume, a covering letter and any other materials to us, either by post:

Saint John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy - Employment Application
ATTN: The Principal
6210 Geary Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94121

Or by fax:

FAX: 415-520-6850

Or by e-mail:


All workers at St. John's, whether in paid employment or in volunteer roles in the school, will be required in due course to complete an application and vetting procedure, and to undergo a background check to ensure there are no hindrances preventing work with children and young people in a school and Church environment.