Tuition and Fees 2010-11 (Old Layout)

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An important part of the decision to send your child to a private school is consideration of tuition payment. St. John's Academy offers one of the most affordable private educations in the region, and particularly given its outstanding academic rating, amounts to excellent value-for-money given that our tuition rates are among the lowest in the Bay Area (with most private schools charging at least double our tuition rates, but many as much as five or six times our tuition). Nonetheless, ensuring that you are able to pay tuition and fees is an important consideration in application. We strive to keep our tuition and fees as affordable as possible, while ensuring that we have the resources to provide students with the highest in Orthodox and academic standards.

Tuition schedule (2010-2011) [See note: Will tuition increase next year?]

  • $75.00 Application fee (first year only; see Application Process)
  • $250.00 Annual registration per student
  • $4,750.00 Tuition, grades K-5
  • $5,000.00 Tuition, grades 6-8
  • $5,750.00 Tuition, grades 9-12

There is a 10% tuition reduction for the second child and 20% for the third and additional child(ren). A clergy tuition discount of 20% is offered for full-time clergy (those whose full-time income is dependent upon the Church).

Families have the option to pay the full tuition up front directly to the school, or to make ten monthly installments across the school year. Installment payments are required to be made through SmartTuition, an outside company. These may be made by check, check-by-phone, credit card, or by automatic bank withdrawals. Payments are due on the 20th of each month preceding month (e.g. payment of February's tuition is due on 20th January). There is a $70.00 charge for late payments. Read further information in the School Handbook > Parental Requirements ('Tuition and fees payment' section).

Annual contribution and fundraising

All parents are members of St. John’s Parents Association, a parental organization which also organizes fundraising activities, and are required to make a yearly family contribution/donation of $1,000.00. This donation is made directly to the school and is tax deductible. It may be given in full at the start of the school year or given in ten monthly installments on the 1st of each month.

Parents are also required to participate in various fundraising drives, such as EScrip, selling tickets for lotteries and raffles, etc. We deeply appreciate the understanding and enthusiasm of parents for these tasks: without your constant help and support our school would not be able to survive financially.

More information is available in the School Handbook > Parental Requirements ('Financial support' and 'Parent service hours' sections); and in Parent Information > Fundraising Events: 'How To'.

Book fees

Book fees include assignment book, yearbook, textbooks, art supplies, and all Xeroxed material given to children during the school year. Fees are due on the 1st of August of each school year. The following is the book fee schedule for the 2010-2011 school year:

  • Kindergarten:                   $250.00
  • First Grade:                      $325.00
  • Second Grade:                  $350.00
  • Third -Fifth Grade:           $375.00
  • Sixth Grade:                     $400.00
  • Seventh -Tenth Grades:   $450.00
  • Eleventh-Twelfth Grades:$500.00

Lunch fees

All children at St. John's eat hot lunches together, spending the time in fellowship, hearing spiritual readings and enjoying a healthy and nutritious meal that gives them energy for the work and play of school life. Our wonderful food service includes specially-prepared, fully nutritionally balanced hot lunches made with healthy ingredients from a local catering company specializing in school lunch programs. The cost of the meal program is $5.50 per child per day for grades K-5 ($968.00 per year), and $6.50 per child per day for grades 6-12 ($1144.00 per year). The fees may be paid in full or in ten equal installments which are due promptly on the first of each month. The K-5 grade monthly installments are $96.80 and the 6-12 grade installments are $114.40. This includes both the full hot lunch and drinks, as well as a morning snack.

Payment may be made in full at the start of the school year or in ten equal monthly installments which are due on the 1st of each month. This and the parent annual donation installments (see above) may be made monthly with one check.

Given that the diet at our school is governed by the Orthodox liturgical / fasting calendar, we do not permit students to bring their own lunches but instead serve all students a common meal that follows the dietary regulations of the current liturgical season.

Field trips

During the academic year, teachers incorporate field trips into their curriculum. In some cases there may be a small fee, which is the responsibility of the parents. The teachers leading these field trips will give advanced notice to the involved parents. Read further details in School Handbook > Field Trips.


Students interested in applying for financial aid should contact the organizations below, with whom St. John’s has worked in the past:

Extraordinary financial circumstances

Families whose financial situations are extraordinary may wish to have their situation reviewed prior to making an application to St. John's, or as their financial situation changes if their children are already enrolled. It is necessary for families in such circumstances to undergo a household review by the Private School Aid Service, an independent agency, which then reports to the school on the overall financial situation and assists St. John's in determining how specific circumstances may be accommodated (an application for this process can be requested from the school office). Families should be aware, however, that no guarantee of financial support or tuition discounts can be promised, and depend on the financial situation of the school as well as the recommendations of the Service.