Do we need to be Orthodox to apply?

Our mission at the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy is to provide the highest quality K-12 and College Preparatory education to the Orthodox Community of North America. As part of this unique mission, we have always considered our potential students to be those Orthodox young people whose families desire them to have the very best standard of academic education, tied into their faith and life as Orthodox Christians.

For this reason, St. John's restricts its student and teacher body solely to communicant members of the Orthodox Church, so as to provide a dedicated mission to this community. All our students, teachers and staff study, worship, pray, fast and live an Orthodox life together in the embrace of the Church.

This means that we can only accept new students who are baptized members of the Orthodox Church (Note: by Orthodox Christian and Orthodox Church we mean the ancient patriarchates of Constantinople, Moscow, Antioch, etc., we well as those local autonomous/autocephalous Orthodox churches in immediate communion with them).

In several cases we have accepted children whose families were in the process of being received into the Orthodox Church. In such cases we are happy to be of assistance in that process on a pastoral and practical level; and we always welcome applications from families in such joyful circumstances. However, please note that St. John's does not support the idea of being received into the Church solely or chiefly as a means to be eligible for enrolment in the Academy, as reception into the Orthodox Church ought to be an act of devotion and love, and of commitment for the life of the whole family.

If you have any questions about this policy, please do not hesitate to be in contact with us.