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St. John's is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), which accredits schools in the western U.S.A. based on a rigorous process of self-critical review, peer assessment, external qualification, and a thorough, regular panel review by a dedicated accrediting committee.

The Academy's most recent accreditation review was held in 2009. On May 27th of that year, WASC notified the Academy that it had been granted a six-year term of accreditation from June, 2009 - the longest possible period of sustained accreditation - conveying the Association's conviction that St. John's is performing to the highest standards of K-12 education.

At the conclusion of the 2009 accreditation review, during which the WASC panel observed classes and met with students, teachers, administrators, parents, Board members, and the Churchwarden of Holy Vigin Cathedral, a report was issued that identified a number of Schoolwide Areas of Strength recognized by the panel.

Schoolwide Areas of Strength, as recognized by the 2009 accreditation report:

  1. School based on Orthodox values
  2. Classical curriculum based on the pre-1918 Russian lyceum
  3. High expectations for student academic achievement
  4. Caring, capable, knowledgeable teachers
  5. Dynamic, visionary, participating founders
  6. Individualized and differentiated instruction in small classes
  7. Students dedicated to Orthodox values and high academic achievement
  8. Immediate reciprocal interaction
  9. Challenging and flexible personalized curriculum
  10. Strong and effective administrative staff
  11. Seven Advanced Placement (AP) classes
  12. Supportive parents committed to the school program
  13. Safe, healthy school campus
  14. Coherent academic and behavior policies clearly communicated to students and parents
  15. A wide range of personalized support services
  16. Seamless extended curriculum of field trips and service opportunities
  17. Cathedral parish community actively supportive of the goals of the school
  18. On-going two-way communication between the school and parents
  19. Student self-confidence developed from St. John’s overall program
  20. Single track college prep. program where 100% of graduates are accepted into institutes of higher education.

Making an impression on the accreditors...

We at the St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy are immensely pleased that we have attained so high an accreditation status, reflecting the hard work of all our teachers, staff, students and parents.

We are also pleased that the unique Orthodox Christian witness of our school makes its impression as well. One of the WASC representatives involved in the 2009 accreditation process proclaimed that he saw true Christianity, “Christ in the cafeteria,” with the children helping each other and demonstrating their fraternity as Orthodox Christians.

Long may this tradition of lived Orthodoxy and academic excellence continue!